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We are growing a community of medical affairs professionals working within the pharmaceutical industry.  We recognize that climate change and its impact on human health and equity is a business critical leadership topic.  We are seeking to build across industry expertise to inspire and facilitate systemic change. 

Climate change is described by the World Health Organisation as the "biggest health threat facing humanity".  These health impacts are already signficant and are threatening the foundations of health and well-being.  

Medical affairs are emerging as a key player in driving the systems wide change needed within pharmaceutical businesses to tackle the twin climate and health crisis and improve outcomes for the business, for patients and for the planet.



Our mission is to inspire and facilitate medical affairs leadership in climate, health and equity.

We believe that medical affairs have an important leadership role to play within pharmaceutical companies in climate, health and equity.


The topic is complex but not complicated.  There are several practical but transformative actions that can be immediately taken by medical affairs. 

We invite you to find out more and join the conversation!

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